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January 5, 2016  
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I went back to Wardenclyffe Tower! Not much has changed since last I went (check out episodes 029 and 30 for the original Wardenclyffe pilrimage), except all of the conifers were decorated for the season. I also noticed a plaque with many Tesla pictures under plastic, including the classic photo of him  with the light bulb, as well as several pictures of the original tower. I can't wait until this place opens for real. I hope I'll be able to go decorate one of the Christmas trees there next year.
So, during the "On this day in physics" section of PWN Physics 365, I wish a happy birthday to Issac Newton, born 04 January 1643. I post the episode, and then during my internet travels, came across a tweet from Neil Degrasse Tyson from Christmas which very cleverly alludes to the birthday of a very special man who will change the future of humanity, only at the end of the tweet to reveal that it's not the expected Jesus H. Christ, but rather Issac Newton. Very funny!
Wait...what?? I thought his birthday was January Fourth. Did I get it wrong?? So, I continue to research online and came across this very interesting article.</a> It turns out that that both of those dates are right. When Issac Newton was born, he was indeed born on 25 December 1942, on what was known as the "Old Style" calendar. This was what was called the "Julian" calendar. When the current "Gregorian" calendar was adopted, the new calendar shifted everything by 10 days.
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